Li-CuO Battery GR14505

Primary Battery GR14505 Lithium Copper Oxide(Li-CuO)Battery

  • Battery Type: N/A
  • Shape: AA
  • Model: GR14505
  • Nominal Voltage: 1.5V
  • Termination Voltage: 0.5V
  • Capacity: 4000mAh
  • Max. Size: 14.5*50.5mm
  • Max.Continuous Current: 2000mA
  • Max.Pulse Current:: 3000mA
  • Storage Temp.: Max. 30℃
  • Working Temp. Range: -40℃~+60℃
  • Brand: Ruizhi, Beleader, Ramway, Neutral, OEM
  • Certificates: UL, ATEX, CE, SGS, UN38.3
  • Weight: 15.5g
  • Application: Clock, Various

Li-CuO Battery GR14505

Electrical Characteristic:

Battery type: N/A

Shape: AA

Model: GR14505

Max. Size: 14.5x50.5mm

Nominal Voltage: 1.5V

Termination Voltage: 0.5V

Nominal Capacity: 4000mAh

Max.Continuous Current: 2000mA

Max.Pulse Current: 3000mA

Operating temperature range -40℃~+60℃

Storage (recommended): Max. 30℃

Weight: 15.5g

Equivalent(replacement): Energizer L91

Key Features:

1. Superior drain capacity

2. Low self-discharge rate (Less than 3% after 1 year of storage at 20℃)

3. Substitute dry battery or alkaline battery directly

Main Applications:

1. For high drain/long term operating applications requesting superior voltage response in -40℃~+60℃ environments

Terminal Choices

1. Solder tabs: T, 2PT, 3PT, 4PT

2. Axial: 0.8*45mm

3. Lead(cable without connector)

4. Cable and connector


Specification download:Ruizhi BatterySpec_GR14505_Ruizhi_En_V1809.pdf