Ruizhi use global high-end automated production systems, sophisticated analytical instruments, imported raw materials, develop and produce various high performance primary cylindrical lithium battery.

  • Ruizhi battery has long storage lifetime.

  • Wide range of operating temperature.

  • Offer stable operating voltage and loading voltage platform.

  • Can offer small, medium and high pulse discharge current. Available series like bobbin type, spiral type and battery packs.

  • Adopt stainless steel material, laser and hermetic glass-to-metal welding sealed which keep our battery have a unique performance in wet environment.

  • Long using lifetime, it can be used above 5 years. In some special application, it can be used for more than 10 years (Depends on different working request).

  • High energy density, could achieve more than 650Wh/Kg. It is about 3-10 times of other series lithium battery.

  • Ruizhi batteries are mostly UL, SGS, CE, RoHS, FCC and UN38.3 certified.

Our products includes:

1500714803937038.pngBattery Catalog_Ruizhi Battery 2017(Download)